tales of my abnormal life: what’s her age again?

There we were, sitting at dinner.  As my friend Alex and I discussed our favorite professor and her adorable daughters, the waitress approached our table.  She introduced herself and before she could even take our drink order, I had stopped her.  My eyes were big as I asked her to repeat her name.  It was just as I suspected.

This waitress shared a name with our favorite professor’s daughter, who happened to have a birthday in a few days.  Not normal: knowing your professor’s child’s birthday. Stunned, I began to explain to her this crazy coincidence but then, I saw the look in Alex’s eyes pleading with me not to unload this entire story on our poor waitress.

I decided I’d cut my monologue short.  Doing so meant that I completely panicked and forgot the age of the child I was discussing.  It went something like this.

Me: “OMG that is the name of our teacher’s daughter!  And we were just talking about her!” (After seeing Alex’s look across the table): “She has a birthday on Thursday and she’s turning three!  Umm, what are your drink specials?!”

As the waitress left to get our drinks, Alex looked at me and said, “Her daughter is definitely turning seven…”

Perfect example of what happens when I try to filter my reaction and act normal.   I wind up turning a seven-year-old into a toddler.  Poor thing.

And I would like to throw it out there that the waitress/child’s name wasn’t something like Ashley or Megan.  It was very uncommon, I swear!

Things like this happen to me just about every day and I’ll share them regularly on this blog.  Like I said to Alex today, I think normal is overrated.


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