my abnormal obsessions: Larry’s Giant Subs


In a nondescript, unassuming strip just off University Avenue, there sits a place unlike any other.  Tucked between an overpriced smoothie chain and a mediocre BBQ restaurant, you might never go into this gem unless you’re in the know.

Once you enter, however–I guarantee you’ll be back.  Or maybe you won’t.  But if you do go back, you’ll probably run into me there.

You see, Larry’s is like my second home.  While my love for the food began sometime during sophomore year of college, it wasn’t until this past spring that I became a true Larry’s fangirl.

It was as I sat in Larry’s in May, waiting on a friend, that I began talking to Mike.  Mike is the franchise owner of both Larry’s locations in my city.  I confided in Mike on this day that as often as I had eaten there, I’d only ever tried one sandwich.  I also told him that I couldn’t afford to eat there as often as I’d like.

It was this day that Mike gave me great advice: try the special.  Since then, I’ve tried about 10 of the sandwiches as they were on special and have liked all of them.

The food–although definitely a critical part of the Larry’s experience (and far better than any other sub from any other place)–is just the beginning.  What I really love about Larry’s is the staff.  Mike, Allie, Sarah, Gage, Chris, Miss Pearl…the list goes on. Not normal: knowing nearly the entire staff of a sandwich shop.  

Whether they are making me laugh or listening to a story about my day, the staff at Larry’s treats me like family and they accept my weirdness.  In fact, the first time I really bonded with Allie and Sarah was on Cinco de Mayo as we sang Taylor Swift (loudly) in the restaurant.  Not normal.

Just yesterday, I hung out with Allie and we laughed about how we had become “real friends” as opposed to just customer and employee!  Last night, as she and others had to work 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. (!!!) I took them Krispy Kreme donuts as a little pick-me-up treat.

I think you get it: I love Larry’s.  I love the staff.  I love the food.  I dream of meeting Larry Raikes one day (really, I do) so that I can gush about his products and tell him some of my branding ideas for the company.  Until then, I’ll keep showing up regularly (like, 4 times a week…) and being an unofficial ambassador for the best sandwich shop ever.


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