she’s so quirky: lists

I spend much of my time making lists.  Not normal: I often spend more of my time writing the list than I do actually accomplishing the tasks.   Whether it’s in my planner (which I open approximately once a week, usually to make a list I’ll never reference again), my cell phone notes (45 lists in there right now) or on the back of a random receipt (which I wind up needing to use to return something), I like to get everything out on paper that I need to accomplish.

“But Mallory,” you might say.  “That’s normal.  Everyone makes lists.  Especially girls.”

why today rocksRight.  But the thing is, I’m not actually a very organized/Type A person.  My room is almost always messy, my purses get out of control and my car…well, let’s just say I could venture on a spontaneous camping trip at any given moment based on the contents of my trunk.

So, it’s sort of funny that my life is always in some form of disarray and yet I sit in the middle of my laundry, surrounded by homework, making a list.

And it isn’t just the list-making that is so quirky–it’s the content of these lists.  Today, for example, I’ve been keeping track of “Why today rocks.”  Note: it’s only 11:30 a.m.  The day will rock much more later.

Other lists I might make include “Packing list for weekend trip” (typically written a month prior to travel; not a single item on this list will be actually packed), “Shows on Netflix that aren’t as good as One Tree Hill” or “Soundtrack of my life: happy edition” (see also: workout edition, road trip edition and the rare study edition).

I thought about writing this post in a dashed or numbered list format, but it seemed like overkill.  I will however, give you some items to put on your to-do list today:

1. Smile at a stranger.  (Don’t be creepy!  Just a nice closed-mouth smirk with friendly eyes.  This can easily turn to a crazy-eyed grin if you aren’t careful.)

2. Write on an old friend’s Facebook.  Because that’s just a sweet thing to do.

3. Make a weird list of your own!  And remember: normal is overrated.


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