getting dressed: birds of very different feathers

Since most of the blogs I read are fashion-related, it only makes sense for me to share the occasional style post of my own.  Today you are looking at the very different styles of Maddie (my fabulous friend and roommate) and me.

For every preppy outfit I wear, Maddie has a punk one.  For every safe, conservative closet staple I buy, Maddie buys an edgy, trendy piece.  We have totally different styles which makes getting ready together so fun.  Here’s what a typical conversation sounds like as we primp for a night on the town:

Me: “Maddie, do I like too much like I’m going to meet someone’s parents for the first time?”
Maddie: “Yes.  You need heels.  Or you should take off your jacket.”
Me: “I hate heels!  And then I’ll be showing too much skin because I’m already wearing shorts…”
Maddie: “I’m wearing heels, shorts and a tank…”

She tries unsuccessfully for 10 minutes to get me to be more bold in my outfit choice, and then we compromise because I wear what I want but she makes my makeup all glam.  We leave the house.  She looks like she’s ready to paint the town red and I look like I’m leaving the office for happy hour and we’re both fine with that.

On this particular day, I wore a maxi dress from Studio 706 Boutique with a necklace my mom bought for me and a pink studded bag from TJ Maxx.  Maddie’s shorts were thrifted, her crop top and koi fish necklace came from Forever 21, and her plaid shirt came from Target.


4 thoughts on “getting dressed: birds of very different feathers

  1. Sounds exactly like my best friend and I! I think it is way better than going out looking like twins. Plus you both look great!


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