m&m road trips: a recipe for success

As promised, here is part two of my road trip ramblings.  While our instances of bad luck typically outnumber our lucky ones, there have been a few neat things to happen to Maddie and me throughout our adventures.

John Stamos

1.  The time we met John Stamos: After seeing a tire catch on fire, we arrived at last in Magic Kingdom.  No more than five minutes after we stepped onto Main Street USA, I spotted Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos.  We approached him (he was dressed pretty incognito but I know my Full House stars) and let me just say, it was pretty odd!  He was alone.  In Disney.  Not getting recognized by anyone else.  We took a quick picture and he talked to us for a minute (he was actually very nice and friendly) and then we casually strolled out of his sight and into a nearby gift shop.  There, we squealed, happy danced and called our moms.  At that point we knew for sure that Disney was the place where dreams come true.

2.  The time we were in sweet treat heaven: During this same Disney day, Maddie and I had a second instance of good luck.  We were perusing the sweet shop on Main Street USA and talking to the workers inside (who appeared to be about our age).  We were lamenting about how tough it was to make a decision when the worker offered us a sample of a candy.  We remarked about its tastiness and then he offered us another treat.  Then, while we were eating that one, his coworker said that we just had to try this other goodie.  Twenty minutes later, our stomachs were full, our pockets were still full (we didn’t need to make a single purchase) and we had made the days of the boys working in the sweet shop.

3.  The time we got into Paula Deen’s restaurant (and shouldn’t have):  Pre-Paula’s racial drama, when she still had a cooking show and was wildly popular, The Lady and Sons restaurant was a hot-ticket place.  In fall of 2011, with no reservation, a wait list visible on the hostess’s stand and a group of at least 12 people, Maddie and I weren’t very confident we’d be enjoying Paula’s food that day.  However, after a healthy dose of charm from our friend Zach, the whole group was seated (in about five minutes) and was free to enjoy fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and all the other Southern deliciousness that place had to offer.

Apart from Maddie, I’ve had some pretty cool travel stories like meeting Fergie in Rome, seeing a Zac Efron movie get filmed in NYC, dancing the can-can on stage in Alaska and other random funnies.  I must say that while the positive experiences are enjoyable, the negative ones make much funnier and more popular stories.  I think I’ll be happy with a blend of both in my future trips (including one tomorrow to Atlanta)!


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