i have a YouTube problem and i’m not afraid to say it

Wow.  It’s been 10 days since I last blogged!  I was so nervous to publish that last post, as it was so much more serious than my usual style.  Now, having gotten such wonderful feedback, it’s hard to go back to my lighthearted, silly style!

When I was dragging my feet, however, procrastinating on writing a post, I started thinking about the things I do when I ought to be doing something else, like schoolwork or sleeping.  That’s right, I thought about my procrastination techniques as a form of procrastination.  I hope now that one of my favorite ways to procrastinate–watching YouTube videos– might inspire you to blink and lose a few hours to the black hole of productivity.

At least one night a week, my roommate Maddie comes home to find me sitting on the couch, laptop on, watching YouTube videos.  This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite way to waste spend time.  The problem for me is that YouTube is like eating M&M’s.  You can’t just have one and be happy.  (Side note: I always feel really bad for those kids who are getting potty trained whose moms give them a single M&M for #1 and two M&M’s for #2.  That is way unsatisfying and not a fair exchange.) No, when I venture on to that website, I know very well that I’m committed to at least an hour of laughing, crying and singing along.

Without further ado, I present another one of my abnormal obsessions, some of my favorite YouTube channels.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Boyce Avenue.  Their covers are some of my favorites and they have great harmony.
-I went to a Landon Austin show earlier this month and it was the best thing ever.  He is the perfect country/singer songwriter blend on top of being adorable (with impeccable hair).  He also has a vlog channel which is a major guilty pleasure for me.
-My friend Alex (who also happens to be my music soul sister) introduced me to Tyler Ward and if there’s any guy who makes me feel like a 15-year-old fangirl, it’s him.

Beauty: (I’m terrible at makeup and I rarely wear it but these videos make me at least feel knowledgable…)
Nikki Phillipi is adorable and so unashamedly herself–something I absolutely love in a person!
-I’ve been watching Elle Fowler for years and for me, she’s that cool-older-wish-you-were-my-sister girl.
Michelle Phan is hands-down the most popular, iconic YouTube beauty guru.  She even has her own makeup line as a result of her immense internet popularity!

-I love to laugh and the Harvard Sailing Team always delivers.  Particularly notable is the hipster Thanksgiving video which made me cry laughing the first time I saw it.
-It’s not technically YouTube (hi Vimeo) but I am obsessed with watching strangers’ wedding videos.  This channel is great but I love to just search and search and watch and watch until I’ve cried several seas of tears…mostly of joy for the happy couples (not normal, I know) but also in sadness that I’m FOREVER ALONE.  (Just kidding, I don’t actually think that I’ll be forever alone…just ’til age 40 or something like that.)

Anywho, I hope I’ve given you some good material to kill an hour or four on this fine Friday!  I’ll be spending the weekend in Orlando so hopefully I’ll have some blogworthy stories when I return to Gainesville!  (After all, the last time I was there I met John Stamos!)


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