21 things that 21 taught me

In honor of turning 22 today, I thought I’d reflect on some of the things I learned while I was 21.

21. Pants are always optional.  You don’t have to wear them at home and in public you can wear skirts or dresses (or substitute leggings as pants if you’re that kind of girl).

20.  Have an arsenal of playlists ready for any occasion.  You never know when you’ll need “driving,” “songs about love” or “harmony.”

19. If hair is dirty, clean, tangled, smooth, pitiful or pretty…it can and should go in a high bun.

18. Sub sandwiches can comprise 50 percent of your diet.  You’ll be fine.

17. TWINKLY LIGHTS ARE GOD’S GIFT TO BARS AND RESTAURANTS.  Seriously.  Why would you ever sit indoors when there is a sparkly paradise outside?

16. Laundry is overrated.  Don’t do it.

15. Cooking is overrated.  Don’t do it.

14.  …unless you’re a guy reading this and you like laundry and/or cooking and in that case let’s get married.  21 has taught me that I need to find someone who can help me meet my basic needs once I live somewhere with no Larry’s.

13. Forget what your parents taught you.  Talking to strangers rocks.

12. Have at least one person in your life who speaks with a foreign accent.  It’ll serve as a reminder that hotness, I mean adventure, is out there.

11.  College in your pajamas is a thing; it’s called online classes.  Game.  Changer.

10.  You know someone has become your close friend when you  no longer feel the need to shove all the crap from your car into your trunk before you pick them up.  Have a seat right on top of it, my pal!

9. If you’re ever truly broke, look on the ground outside of the drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant.  Boom.  70 cents richer.  (Note: you must go at night.  Let the change accumulate throughout the day.)

8. Some say you shouldn’t shop for groceries while you’re hungry; I agree.  Just go to the grocery store, try all the free samples then buy a sub and leave.  No shopping necessary.

7.  You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy.  You just need friends who also don’t have boyfriends.

6.  Don’t fight it.  Allow Netflix to be a part of your routine much like grocery shopping (ha) or the gym (haha).

5.  You can use beach towels as bath towels in non-summer months.  (See #17)

4.  When you feel ugly, look at high school pictures of yourself.  Feel better now?

3.  In need of a serious laugh or cry?  Or the classic laugh-cry?  Go check your bank account.

2.    Know that even if you’re 22, and single, and without any real prospects on the horizon, life still rocks…

1.  …because you’ve learned to be a completely unedited, vibrant, carefree version of yourself.  Life’s too short to be anything else.

Thank you to everyone who has eaten a sub with me, laughed at my misfortunes in love, binge-watched old television shows with me or otherwise supported me as I transition into this 22nd year of adult (gross!) life.  You make the dull parts of life shiny.


5 thoughts on “21 things that 21 taught me

  1. This list is amazing – my fave? The whole top 10. Especially #7 for… reasons.
    Also, is it weird that I just read this whole thing in my head with your voice??
    Run to Hollywood sister, you could be getting next Morgan Freeman!
    But seriously, I hope you had the best da yesterday!

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