senior year bucket list

At the beginning of the fall semester, I sat with my roommate Maddie under the twinkly lights of a bar patio downtown.  Phone in hand, we made lists of our goals for this final year of college.

I have already checked off more than half of mine from that original list.

Update: As of June 2014, I have checked off all the original items from my list!  The only one left is a bonus–attend a Chick-fil-A opening.  I’ll do it eventually!

1.  Make straight A’s for a semester (I got straight A’s the whole year!)
2. Meet an artist whose music I love
3. Start a blog (and write regularly)
4. Go to a driving range (update: went on 4/29/14)
5. Get a major haircut (update: chopped on 5/17/14)
6. Write encouraging letters to companies
7. Learn to surf (update: went on 3/27/14)
8. Get rid of a lot of “things”
9. Send lots of snail mail
10. Secure a post-grad “big girl” job (update: signed offer letter on 6/9/14)

In January, I added two bonus items to the original list:

11. Improve and build credit score
12. Attend a Chick-fil-A opening

I am going to do everything in my power to check off these remaining items (particularly #10,  don’t worry Mom) in the last few months of college.  I’ll definitely share as I experience some of them…  I feel pretty confident some funny stories will result from surfing and the driving range!


6 thoughts on “senior year bucket list

  1. I am so proud of you…have a hard time picturing the surfing (you aren’t that graceful, baby!) and also #5…I LOVE your hair! I am not a bit worried about # 10. You still have to clean out your room at home!!

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