signed, sealed, delivered

If you read my bucket list, you might have picked up on the fact that I love sending snail mail.

In fact, a couple of years ago, I sought to write 365 letters in 365 days.  I even started a blog about it!  I didn’t complete this challenge, as a letter a day is actually much more challenging than it sounds, but I did send probably 150 letters in a year and I think that is still a great deal more than most of the population.

Here’s a snippet of what I posted in my old blog that explains a bit about my love for letters.

My entire life, I’ve loved receiving mail.  I would check the mail when I got off the bus in elementary and middle school, praying that something in that box would be for me.

Occasionally, I’d get magazines or catalogs– American Girl catalogs were always a treat.  Sometimes, I’d get Delta airlines offers for sky miles or credit cards– that made me feel very adult.  But every now and then, I’d open the mailbox and find inside a letter addressed to me.  The feeling this brought me, and continues to bring me to this day, is pure joy.

You see, when I get a letter, I know that someone took time out of their busy day to write to me.  They used their fancy stationery or bought me a card.  They found a good pen and wrote a message meant only for me.  Then, they found a stamp (which, if you’re like me, means a special trip to the post office every single time you want to send something).  Last, they put it in the mail and some wonderful mail carriers saw that it got from their hands to mine.

The whole process is relatively simple, and has been around seemingly forever, but the outcome is just so magical.  The initial moment when you see that a letter has come to you is so thrilling, then you read the letter and you feel sentimental and touched, then you save it somewhere special and smile every time you come across it.  Like I said before: pure joy.

When I wrote this back in 2012, it was true.  In 2014, it is even truer.  For me, snail mail is a chance to slow down.  To be patient.  To focus all of my energy and attention into one small gesture.

I hope that I’m able to bring a smile to friends’ faces as they head to their mailboxes every now and again.  After all, you never know when that 49-cent piece of sunshine is going to be just the thing someone needs to brighten his or her day!

Want to send or receive snail mail?  Shoot me an email and we can be pen pals!


One thought on “signed, sealed, delivered

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