defending myself and climbing rocks

I woke up this past Saturday with a strange feeling.  What the heck am I going to do today?  I’ve spent so many of my past weekends traveling or going to events that I had no clue what to do with a wide-open Saturday.  I decided to seize the day and conquer some more of my 101 in 1001 list!

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I guess I should disclose, I actually conquered a bit of it on Friday night too.  Maddie and I hosted a game night at our place.  We used to host these a lot at our old apartment, but it had been quite a while.  It was good to be back at it!

Back to Saturday…Once a month, my gym hosts an instructor from the Global Mixed Martial Arts Academy.  The instructor teaches a one-hour self defense class for women where we learn about strikes (hitting with our elbows or knees) or escaping attacks.  It was intense!  We learned how to get out of a chokehold, a bear hug from behind, a knife-to-the-throat…pretty serious stuff.  It was actually invigorating to do!  Obviously the hope and goal is that I’ll never have to use these skills, but at least I’m prepared.

After class, I headed with my friends Justine and Alex to the Gainesville Rock Gym for an afternoon of climbing.  We bouldered and did top-rope climbing (after getting trained in belaying).  It was awesome!  I have been rock climbing before (on actual rocks in Alabama back in high school and on the Lake Wauberg rock wall in college) but doing it indoors was a new experience.  It was an arm workout, for sure, and a fun bonding experience for Alex, Justine and myself.


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