the one where they go to the cat circus

IMG_0953Last night, I went to see a show called Acro-Cats.  If you’re friends with me on Snapchat, you may have seen video footage from the…quirky…event.

A friend of mine had an extra ticket and invited me to join her for this one-weekend-only (imagine that) show.  The cat circus is based in Chicago and travels around the country “performing.”

I walked in to the theater and took in the set: purple and glitter were the recurring style elements.  The cat ladies who put on the show all wore variations of this color scheme, including corsets and cat ears.

The show, which lasted about 90 minutes (yes, I sat for 90 minutes watching cats do tricks…) had about 12 cats in it.  It also had two mice (not a fan), a chicken named Cluck Norris and a groundhog (?!).

The cats cooperated about 50 percent of the time and the other half they just kind of wandered around the room and waited for more tuna or chicken to appear before them.  They’re not suckers.  They waited for more food in order for them to get motivated to jump through the next hoop or play the next instrument.


Speaking of instruments…there was a band.  The Rock Cats.  They “performed” on the guitar, the cymbal, the drums, the keyboard, the chimes and the cowbell.  It was literally chaos and it was in that moment that I realized who the real pathetic ones in the room were: not the circus cats.  Not the crazy corset-wearing cat ladies whose job it is to tour with this troupe of animals.  The pathetic ones were us, the audience…the people who paid money to see this show.  While I didn’t actually pay (I’m usually up for anything spontaneous if it’s going to be free), I sat in the company of about 75 people who did.  And they didn’t just pay for tickets.  They paid for cat training kits so they can go home and teach their cats the tricks they saw.  They paid for souvenir cat ears to wear.  They paid for buttons with cats’ faces on them.  You name it, they bought it.

I left the show wondering what I’d just seen and where I’d just been.  I drove home in a stupor and knew that I had to blog about this — the quirkiest event I’ve ever been to.  One good thing that came out of going was the chance for me to use all the cat puns I have in my arsenal and have them fully appreciated…now that I did that, I think I’m good to skip the cat circus the next time it comes to town.


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