listen and rethink

RethinkGNV_Logo_Primary2ColorToday I had the privilege of attending Rethink GNV.

You should know, I’m an auditory learner—I learn best and most not from doing or seeing but from listening.  So, when I got the chance to sit all day in a cool, comfortable auditorium listening to smart people say inspiring things…you could say that was my idea of a great day.

I had some takeaways from this awesome event that I want to share in the hopes that maybe just one will resonate with you the way that it did with me.  In fact, some of these concepts are burning in my mind so fiercely that I find myself sitting in a Starbucks less than a mile from the event venue writing this post.  It simply couldn’t wait!

1. Antonio Neves: There are two kinds of people in this world: thieves of ambition and allies of glory.  Allies of glory cheer for you.  They celebrate your successes and they tell you yes, you can.  Be an ally of glory and surround yourself with them.

2. Jessica Ekstrom: 30 seconds is the perfect amount of time for your passion to talk.  There is no time for pros/cons or budget spreadsheets.  When an “aha” moment comes, utilize that 30-second window to conclusively decide to act.

3. Greg Reid: You’re the same person you’ll be in five years, except for the people you meet and the books you read.

4. James Robilotta: Role models are tangible and transparent.  Heroes are fake and aloof.  We love role models for their strengths and their struggles.  Heroes are egocentric and while they spend a lot of time “working,” they don’t actually get much done.  Our workplaces need more role models and fewer heroes.

5. Nick Friedman: Does McDonald’s make the best hamburger in the country?  No, but they make the most consistently mediocre hamburger in the world!  No, customers don’t want mediocrity, but they do want consistency.  Deliver reliable results every time.

6. Charlie Hoehn: Life is a series of opportunities to have your own fun.  Don’t let a drive for productivity or “success” leave you an anxiety-ridden mess.  Decide to allow yourself to have guilt-free fun in everything you do.  Success—when it comes at the cost of debilitating stress and feelings of inadequacy—is not worth it.

What ultimately clicked into place today (that I’ve heard many times before but has gone in one ear and out the other) is that there will never be an easy or convenient time to go after what you want.

Jessica Ekstrom put it well when she said, “It’s not about what we dream; it’s about what happens when we wake up.”  So, today is the start of a new chapter: of going after what I want, and knowing that I want it more than I am afraid of it.  Stay tuned.  I’ve got a running regimen to keep up with and a novel to write.