today’s brush with fame

It was no different than any other Monday at lunchtime.  I sat at a table in one of my favorite downtown lunch spots.  I was with my boss from my internship and one of our members, who runs a cute eco-friendly clothing store online.

Suddenly, I felt a magnetic force pulling my eyes from my delicious sandwich (not normal: picking a menu item simply because you want to say “hammy sammy”) to the door of the restaurant, mere feet away.  The person standing before my eyes left me so utterly delighted I wanted to squeal.  Jeremy Foley, THE Jeremy Foley, beloved Athletic Director for my beloved Florida Gators, was eating at the same restaurant as me!

Instinctually, I dropped everything and stood from my chair.  I strode over to him and extended my hand.  “Hi, I’m Mallory, and I’m a senior who really loves Florida athletics,” I said.  “I’m Jeremy,” he responded.  He then introduced me to the colleague he was eating lunch with, whose name I don’t even remember as I was too busy internally fangirling.

After a short conversation, in which I told him about my internship, my favorite Gator teams and how much I loved a particular orange and blue argyle sweater that he wears to the men’s basketball games, I decided I should end the conversation and let the man enjoy his lunch.

He said how nice it was to meet me and then–wait for it– said “Call me anytime!”

Day.  Made.  (Who am I kidding?  Month made.)

I feel that I must note here that I didn’t mention anything about our football game against Missouri from this past weekend.  Too soon.